Minesweeper for Mac OS is a refreshingly clean, yet authentic interpretation of the classic game for OS X. The object of the game is to identify all mine tiles by revealing all non-mine tiles. This is the best minesweeper experience available!

- Preset and custom difficulty settings.
- Resizable window.
- The first reveal of the game will always open an area.
- Double-click or press both buttons to reveal adjacent tiles.
- After a game, right-click anywhere to start a new game.
- Flag mines by right clicking.
- Best times are tracked in high score table.
- Chording is possible for advanced players.

- Games can be saved for proof.
- Inspector labels are clarified.
- Clock can be clicked to start a new game.
- Bug fixes.

Unintentional left-clicks when using an touch pad (laptop) or a MagicMouse
There is a known issue distinguishing between intended left-clicks and right-clicks because these two pointing devices do not have physically separate buttons for left-click and right-click. The only work around is to use the hotkeys to force left/right clicks (see below) or to use a difference mouse.

"How do I flag mines without a two button mouse?"
If you are using a touchpad or a MagicMouse, you can enable right-click in the system preferences. If you have a non-apple mouse with only one button, or if you don't want to right-click you can use Control-click to flag and Shift-click to reveal surrounding squares.

"How do I change the difficulty?"
Different presents are available from the File menu. Available presets are 8x8, Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, and 24x30. You can also customize the board size and number of mines. Note that Minesweeper 101 is limited to Beginner difficulty only. Upgrade to the full version to play other presets like Intermediate, and Expert, and to custom sizes.

"How do I reveal an all the un-flagged squares with one click?
You can "double-click" by actually double clicking with the left button, or by pressing both left and right buttons simultaneously, or by Shift-clicking. If you have a two button mouse you can chord by right-clicking and holding to flag a square, then (while holding) move to an other square and left-click. This can reduce the number of clicks needed.

"How do I change the number of mines?"
You can change the number of mines and size by using Custom from the File menu, in addition to the preset difficulties available.

"How can I get a response to my question?"
Don't post an anonymous comment here, instead, send an email.


Anonymous said...

I would love it if the clock would stop when I click out of the program. If I get interrupted, I have to start over to attempt a decent score. My MyMahj program stops and masks all tile information so I can't plan a strategy when the clock is stopped.

katylava said...

Good job! I'll never be as good on a Mac as I was on PC (mouse moves differently) but it's still nice to have all the old stats I had in Rodrigo's clone.

Anonymous said...

Would be awesome if one would be able to use the arrow keys and the enter button on the keyboard, that way avoiding the use of a mouse/trackpad. Much like we're able to do on a pc.

Anonymous said...

please update the compatibility issue with os x lion! its a fantastic app otherwise

Anonymous said...

Please (!) could you work out how to keep it from using 180mb of memory? It's awful, currently drains a tonne of free memory..causing me to ragequit..and do some actual work!? I mean, what's with that?! But really, considerably lower memory would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Could you add a quick flagging mode because a two finger right click on the trackpad can read as a left click especially when moving quickly. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anyway you could make it so your "wins" and "losses" are recorded? I love seeing my winning percentage along with my top times. Possibly a longest winning streak and current streak also. Thanks

Andrew Mostert said...

Hey how do you change the size of the board? I know you said use the file menu but how would I get there?

John Lewindon said...

Have the full programme and have no "file" access? Only can use basic level. How do i get the file menu and go to larger games?

garbleh said...

allowing you to hold down the left click in order to flag something would dramatically cut down the amount times you accidentally set off a bomb you're trying to flag with the trackpad. this game is almost unplayable on expert because you can never finish without blowing something up you didn't mean to.

TheAbc45678 said...

Please consider displaying at the end the total distance my mouse travelled during the game. Obviously you track the mouse location so this shouldn't be hard. It will give me a new goal of trying to solve a board with the least distance travelled. Maybe you can include that data in the best times results too.

tillyfliss said...

I don't know what i am doing wrong but I have just bought minesweeper 2.7.2 and can not find 'inspector' or any means to customise

tuan188 said...

This game will be perfect if it doesn’t flag when double-clicking a square

Shawn S said...

Everyone is complaining about the same issue which is the right click turns into a left click somehow towards the end of the game and it is very annoying. I swear, you are a damn troll, and you did this on purpose because you are sick in the head. Countless complaints about this issue and you fail to fix it. Stop being a troll you imbecile! Fix it or refund my dollar back to me.

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